Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sketch-book Page, 29th August 2012

Sketch-book Page, 29th August 2012

Having barely slept a wink last night I didn't feel fit enough mentally for any sort of 'proper' work. So to-day I have spent the day rather mindlessly washing clothes, blogging, eating ginger cake and sketching.

To-day I am mostly pre-occupied by the patterns in things and in Nature, it seems. Wondrous Mother Nature!! When we move to the coast next month I plan to spend long days studying the geometry and form of plants and wildlife...

Odd to say but to-day I feel I have become better at drawing. Perhaps that's what kept me awoke last night - creative growing pains?


Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Never doubt your skill at drawing. You have it in armfuls!

Graham Evans•Paintings, Drawings, Wood Engravings said...

Paul, your drawings are lovely and some mighty fine delft work too. Nice to see as I've not visited your site in a while.