Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pepys in Spitalfields

Pepys in Spitalfields

I was asked by the Gentle Author of Spitalfields Life if I would care to contribute an illustration for a diary entry from Samuel Pepys' famous diary, and of course I jumped at the chance despite an already pretty laden plate. I am a big fan of Pepys' diary and a fully illustrated version is a project I have often dreamt about.

The piece was published on the Spitalfields Life blog on the 20th April, 344 years to the day after Pepys' visit there in 1669.

"In the afternoon, we walked to the Old Artillery-Ground near the Spitalfields, where I never was before, but now, by Captain Deane’s invitation, did go to see his new gun tryed, this being the place where the Officers of the Ordnance do try all their great guns, and when we come, did find that the trial had been made – and they going away with extraordinary report of the proof of his gun, which, from the shortness and bigness, they do call Punchinello. But I desired Colonel Legg to stay and give us a sight of her performance, which he did, and there, in short, against a gun more than twice as long and as heavy again, and charged with as much powder again, she carried the same bullet as strong to the mark, and nearer and above the mark at a point blank than theirs, and is more easily managed, and recoyles no more than that, which is a thing so extraordinary as to be admired for the happiness of his invention, and to the great regret of the old Gunners and Officers of the Ordnance that were there, only Colonel Legg did do her much right in his report of her."

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