Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sack & Sugar Tiles

For my recent solo exhibition at the Yallops Gallery in Norwich I produced 42 one-off and unique delft tile designs, largely inspired by Norwich and Norfolk and my love of old Playing Cards and Sign-Boards.

Nick and I also created a special Tile Rack to display them, for this and for future Exhibitions. It holds a maximum of 30 tiles, and is painted Basalt blueblack with a Dutch Gable a-top as a nod to Delft and Holland (we have them here in Norfolk in abundance too!). In essence, a hymn number board on steroids.

The tiles before firing

The Tile Rack, un(ful)filled

The Tile Rack, (ful)filled

Dancing Bear, tile

Rainbow, tile

Sun-in-Splendour, tile

Bull & Mouth, tile

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