Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sack & Sugar

My first show in Norfolk, Sack & Sugar, has been and gone. It was great fun and a great success!

Many thanks to all those who came along and helped make it happen - in particular my partner Nick (who is an absolute star and was there for me from start to finish), Will Brown & Marie Willey of Old Town clothing (whose idea it was in the first place and who helped promote it so well), Tony George (owner of Yallops gallery), fellow artist Beth Morrison (who had a show running in parallel just down the road), Martin Clark at Tilley's Letterpress in Ledbury for producing the Invitation, Suki Hayes-Watkins of the Print Block in Whitstable for the stirling job she did printing my screen prints, Polly Miller of the Gallery Norfolk in Cromer for framing them so well and Helen Dixon of Anglia Clay Supplies at Alby for firing the tiles for me. Anyone who I may have forgotten to mention, my apologies.

Mister Tony George adjusts the lighting at Yallops Gallery

Original poster for Beth and my Shows, designed by Mr William Brown of Old Town

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