Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Look Ahead...

A Look Ahead to what, potentially, this Year has in store. 
I have already signed up for two Solo Shows in the Spring: the first, 'O England My Lion-Heart' at the Lion Street Store in Rye the first week-end of May, followed closely by 'A Troynovant Peculiar' at the Town House in Spitalfields. This is in addition to being part of the Norwich Print Fair Elements IV group exhibition in April, and then, if selected, part of the 20th Norwich Print Fair in September as well. Finally, I shall round the Year off with a Print Sale in Norwich at the end of November, provisionally entitled 'A Winter's Tale'. I hope also to be involved with other group shows that may pop up along the way (hint hint!)..
As well as continuing to produce limited screen prints (I'm aiming, perhaps a little over-optimistically, for around 25 new designs this year!) I plan to pick up my paint-brushes again after many years away from them. In addition I have a number of letterpress print projects in the pipeline, working together with print maestro Martin Clark at Tilley Letterpress in Ledbury. I also have a challenging, and somewhat daunting, ceramic delft tile commission for a monument, and after that shall be focusing on creating traditional delft tiles for my own home, and then possibly further select commissions after that.
There are also further collaborations afoot with Fortnum & Mason, and artist and curator Marc Rees, as well as a proposed and ongoing project with Dan Bugg of the Penfold Press. Fingers-crossed, I may also get the chance to work on a poster design in conjunction with the Lexicographer of Slang, Dr Jonathon Green, a print for the Museum of British Folklore and possibly the Friends of Arnold Circus, and on a personal project commemorating the Life and Work of Oscar Wilde! Phew!
Around all this I want to make time and space in my life for walks, cycling, pottering in the garden, river- and sea-swims, cooking, eating and enjoying the company of friends.
Any road, enough with the Trumpet-blowing! Now to get on with creating!

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