Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tiles & Tribulations #1

Tiles and Tribulations #1

They say that the Course of True Love never did run smooth. That's as may be, but let me assure you, its as nothing compared to the Course of Glazed Ceramics!

However, I'm pretty happy with the progress I'm making, despite the setbacks. Here the particular glitch has been a pooling and distortion around the applied Cobalt Carbonate glaze - there are various possible reasons why this might have happened (I have been well informed by those in the know) and shall address them all, one by one.

Here, a Triton delft tile, before firing. The smudgy black dots are charcoal, used to 'pounce' the design onto the tile from a pricked stencil, or spons.

Here, the same Triton delft tile, after firing. The glitch is most evident on this particular tile. I am investigating ways to avoid it as we speak!

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