Monday, January 12, 2015

Tiles & Tribulations #2

Tiles and Tribulations #2

Another of my recent ceramic Delft Tile trials. This one actually went pretty well - a little of the mysterious pooling and shrinkage that I plan to get to the bottom of evident in the corners, but otherwise, looking pretty much like the real McCoy (or the Dutch equivalent thereof)!

A traditional Mermaid design rendered in raw (unfired) cobalt. The black specks visible are charcoal powder, used to create a template for painting the image.

The same tile, fired and 'aged'. Note the desired craquelure on the finished article - Result!


Marshall Colman said...

A fine achievement, and very authentic looking. The Delft cobalt was not as pure as ours, so I would dirty it with a little iron oxide.

Paul Bommer said...

Thanks Marshall, that's a great tip! What sort of ratio are we talking about here?
Cheers, Paul B