Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Angela Hartnett's 40th Birthday

An invite design I did the other day for celebrity (Michelin-starred) chef and personal friend Angela Hartnett's 40th birthday party the weekend after next. Should be fun.

The image was created with retractable pencil, Staedtler pigment liner 0.3 and brush & Indian ink, coloured up and composited in PS. I really like the simplicity of line and the pared down colouring in this image - its a look I want to achieve more and more, definitely one of my favourite recent creations.

Click on the image to Enlarge


Rico said...

I can only agree -- great illustration,and I love the simplicity... great colours too.

ElizT said...

You manage to 'pare down' while including much fanciful detail.

piero said...

very nice man! have a good time at the party.

François Boussuge said...

Yes I like this way of coloring too. Do you know François Avril's drawings? He uses this very elegant process.