Monday, August 11, 2008

Udo and Gretchen

Herr Udo Sweinhoffer and his older sister Gretchen live together in the old farmstead on Bommenberg in the german Swiss Alps that their parents and their grandparents before them lived in - tending goats on the green lowlands below Hasstopf, making the famous (and remarkably sour) Bommenberger cheese and renting out their small upstairs-room to ramblers and depressive landscape painters in the warm wet summer months.
Gretchen is now too old to bear children so this March Udo must leave his beloved mountain home and search for a wife at the Karlswald Spring Fair.

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Sara Morante said...

Great work! Your style is cool and quick; congrats and regards.

piero said...

any gathering of illustrators comeing soon? if so please let me know.
I came across your work and really like it,mostly the way you integrate the typography in your work.
all the best.

steve said...

Haha, I really like the style going on here, and the little story. Very well done!

ElizT said...

Thanks for the warning.

piero said...

thanks for your words on my work.
your spanish is spot on man! better than my english.
I live in paddington.I'll keep u in my links.

Rima said...

Thanks for your sweet words about our home on wheels too... lovely to hear from you.
Happy days, and praps we'll swing by n say hello one fine day.. if we can sneak past London's low emission zone!
x R

ohlebeaujour said...

am always a fan of your work, especially this sketch
bravo paul