Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Portrait of the Artist as a Buffoon on Wheels

the Sunday just gone
Green Park, London
at Robert and Sara's picnic
on Pat Beirne's foldaway bicyclette
daguerreotype taken by 'is missis
authress, artist and synchronised swimmer
Claire Collinson

The snap makes me feel queasy to look at it
No, not self-hatred
just the motion and angle
plus its blurred my magnificent ( waxed and ginger) moustache


ElizT said...

But your star quality shines through, with ghostly ginger glory!

Rima said...

How delightful!!

Vhrsti said...

Hi Paul, I've given you an award :-D
Please come to my blog and pick it up ;-)

Ellis Nadler said...

As a Brompton owner, I feel your pain.