Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fahrenheit E17

A piece I did for the recent E17 Arts Trail.

It was for a group show entitled "The State of the Borough" - the borough in question being the London Borough of Waltham Forest, where I live at the moment.

The council here are a real pack of idiots, horribly corrpt and self-serving, always screwing things up and closing things down - museums, libraries, public toilets, cinemas, &c., &c..

One of the really shocking things that they'd done was to close down one of the local libraries under the guise of regeneration, and spent a fortune on a brand new one with no room for the books!

So here is my piece - Fahrenheit E17 (E17 is the area's postcode) - a localised take on Ray Bradbury's famous novel ( and film) Fahrenheit 415 ( the temperature at which paper burns) about censorship and blind ignorance. Some council tyro lobbing books into a fire. The swatzika-like tree emblem on the banner and arm-band is the symbol for Waltham Forest.

The piece is acrylic and Indian ink painted onto the back of an old 2 volume edition of War & Peace.

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Tomás Serrano said...

This is my favourite, but I like the rest too. Wonderful style.