Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Restaurant magazine - October 2008

A new client this week - Restaurant magazine.
I've worked a lot for their sister publication, pub trade mag The Morning Advertiser, and Art Director Gary Simons got in touch saying he liked what he'd seen there and would I be interested in illustrating a monthly opinion piece. To which I said "You bet!" ( or words to that effect)

Again the subject matter is the current financial maelstrom, and its implications for the restaurant industry. Ultimately, the article concluded, people want their little luxuries, whatever the fiscal climate - be it a good coffee, a glass of wine or a fabulous meal. The author, Mark Stretton, dubs it the 'Sod it' factor.

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A.Richard Allen said...

Providing that the AD's not too pernickety and the copy's lively, regular slots can be very satisfying (and a couple of hundred sobs a month guaranteed doesn't hurt). The Morning Advertiser ones you've posted have been great; I hope that this column proves to be similarly fruitful. Lovely illustration, Paul.

"Maggie" said...

Wonderful piece. I particularly like your sense of humor and the way you translate the information.