Thursday, August 2, 2007

Computing Which? Commission: Sept '07

Just completed a job for regular client Mark Massey at Computing Which?

The brief
"Basic idea:
It's for a feature on Free Security Software, and the main aspect we want to highlight is that they are all FREE.

So, a shop front with 'SECURITY SOFTWARE' as the main name of the shop, with lots of brighly coloured stickers and signs plastered all over the shop front. Sign to say things like...
etc etc"

Normally ( and particularly recently) I might have used a more restrained palette but here the job called for bright colours, so thats what I've given them. The figure was an optional extra but for me really helps to pull the whole thing together and affords the composition a certain dynamism that it would otherwise lack.

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Suzanne Barrett said...

Nice image! And really interesting to see the sketch and see how you put it all together.