Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vin de Noix

I am currently in the process of decocting a large batch ( 20 L or so!) of Vin de Noix (Walnut Wine).

It's basically red wine ( le gros rouge qui tache) fortified with spirit ( brandy in this case), preserved with sugar and honey, and flavoured with green ( wet) walnuts and spices, all left to macerate and steep ( with the occasional shake) for 4 months or so in a cool dark place.

The end result, if the alchemy has worked, is "christmas in a glass" (and half my presents solved).
For now, all I can do is wait and hope and agitate the huge plastic container when the mood takes me - and let Time work its magic.

Here's a label I've created for the resulting liquor.

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Ellis Nadler said...

reserve a crate for me