Monday, August 13, 2007

Joseph Andrews

I stumbled across a paperback copy of Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding ( of Tom Jones fame) for 30p in a local charity shop the other day, so I snapped it up.

I haven't read it as yet ( having just finished 'Three Men in a Boat' by Jerome K. Jerome ( brilliant!) and just started the latest and last Harry Potter) but I do have very dim recollections of seeing the Tony Richardson film version on TV once, at an age when I probably shouldn't have.

I am hoping the book will be full of bawdy wit, farcical confusion and ribald misadventure
( otherwise I'm taking it back!).

Here's a cover I've recreated ( based on those selfsame dim recollections).

Click on Image to Enlarge


Chichi Parish said...

Delightful. The woodcut background is effective. I am now tempted to go to the library...ta ta

Anonymous said...

I knew you weren't just a short legged cutie on wheels....

Paul Bommer said...

that's very sweet
mystery guest
tho' also a tad freaky
not knowing who's speaking

so I've changed my settings to only receive comments from those signed in
paul x

John Coulter said...

i love your style and lettering.

This has a M. Sasek quality to it.
What type of ink and pens do you use?

Paul Bommer said...

hi john

the sasek remark is very kind
thank you

I used biro for the figure ( it was about an inch high in a notebook), dip pen and indian ink for the words and an old woodcut for the background ( there was a bird in the place now occupied by J.A.

hope that helps