Wednesday, August 29, 2007

E17 Art Trail - "Inspire"

Art Grows in Walthamstow
9 days, 97 exhibitions & events and over 300 artists in galleries, museums, shops, cafés, houses....
Sat 1st Sept to Sun 9 Sept 2007

Check out

I am part of the above, in an exhibition entitled "Inspire"
- work inspired by ( local boy and alround hero) William Morris,
organised by the campaign to save our (e17's) museums, antiscrap

My piece (above) shows the man himself
and one of his lesser known quotes
a celebration of diversity and a call for tolerance
A great sentiment!

As always, please click on image to ENLARGE

If you're anywhere nearby do drop by and 'ave a butchers!


Chichi Parish said...

Ah, Bommer. Your work is inspirational.

Ellis Nadler said...

I've linked to you from my blog!

Frederik Jurk said...

Heh, I linked you back, too. It´s nice to have a growing list of talented people for cross-clicking!

Anyways, thanks for your friendly comment. Nice hand lettering here, that´s something I wish to practice a lot more myself.

And your "Tired of London"-piece is impressive. I really like simple, strong and expressive pictures like this.

imwithsully said...

This is a great piece! Love the type treatment.

Frances Castle said...

I love this!