Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guardian Money -12 April 08

A piece I did for the front cover of the Money section in last Saturday's Guardian.
It's about Gazundering.
Gazunder, according to Wikipedia, has two meanings
  • A chamber pot, so called because it "goes under" the bed;[1]
  • In real estate transactions, gazundering is the practice of lowering an offer at the last moment, a variation on gazumping.
My image was illustrating the latter.

I did it originally with the orange-red colouring, but then decided I'd prefer something more pared down and simple. The greys somehow remind me of the French painter Fernand Léger.

Ps, apparently they went with the Orange one! hehe

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ElizT said...

It tells the story with great economy [no pun intended].

Prozacville said...

Hey, I saw this in the Guardian! Thought the style looked familiar.

lucky said...

Great illustration!
I love your style!


Patrick said...

Very cool illo. You have a great drawing style (love how you draw through the objects and people). I can't decide which one I prefer...probably the grey, but then, I understand why they went with the orange.