Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy St George's Day!

As an Englishman of Polish and Welsh parentage
I've always been amused by the fact
that the symbol of Wales is a red Dragon
and the Patron Saint of England
is usually shown killing one!

Anyway, a celebration of all good English things
- crumpets, pluck, sedate radio, brown bilious beer, Robin Hood, &c., &c...

As always,
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Cecilia Levy said...

that's a great illustration! I especially like the type.

ElizT said...

Am I allowed to be on the side of the dragon?

Paul Bommer said...

I think I am too

Chichi Parish said...
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tina kugler said...

wonderful! like your text style too. (i mean, handwriting.)

Patrick said...

Very cool drawing. Personally, I think George and the Dragon are faking the fight with those silhouettes and some ketchup packets. They'll split a beer in the back of the pub later. By the Way, if anyone needs a kickass saint like ol' George, it's the syphilitic.

Afreud of Myself said...

Ernest Jones, anyone. Another Welsh dragon.