Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guardian Sport -10 April 08

A piece for today's Guardian Sports section, done late yesterday.

It was for an article severely criticising Minster for Sport, Tessa Jowell, and her total incompetence, like estimating the cost of the Olympic Velodrome at £72m, and then, five months later, giving a revised figure of £242m!!

Unfortunately, at the 11th hour (well 4 pm actually) I was informed that due to the last minute placement of advertising the image needed to shrink to a miniscule 5.4 cm by 6 cm down, meaning that all I could show of the original was the Sports Minister's face.

Here are both pieces, the long original and the final truncated form.

It's very hard to catch a likeness, particularly under pressure, but there's definitely something there of Ms Jowell I reckon.

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ElizT said...

How maddening! it was such a great illustration.

One said...

It's definitely a good likeness; such a shame they couldn't run the original illo ;-(


Vhrsti said...

It's hard life, Paul...

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Great illustration! I like this style.

Paul Thurlby said...

Saw it in the newspaper today. Like the original, though they have managed to get in the crystal ball, at least!