Friday, April 11, 2008

London Illustrators' Gathering (LIG) -Tues 15 April 2008

Come one, come all!
Everyone welcome

London Illustrators' Gathering (LIG)
Tues 15th April 2008
The Crown Tavern
43 Clerkenwell Green
London EC1R 0EG
7,30 pm onwards

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Chichi Parish said...

Hello Paul,

Your striking poster has been loaded up on my blog. See you next week.


Weef said...

Hi Paul, I would love to bob in for a pint, but I don't anybody. I don't want to end up standing at the bar like 'Nobby no mates'. Are you a friendly bunch?

Prozacville said...

Well, I'm planning on popping in tonight Weef, and don't know (as in face-to-face know) anyone either. So if you see a little Prozac pill with black specs on, come and have a chat.

Laurent Delpit said...

I'd love to have come if :
1/ I'd known before
2/ I'd been an illustrator
3/ I'd been in London
I love your poster anyway :o)