Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Belated Bastille Day

Here's the design for a tea-towel N and I recently cooked up for his skin-and-blister's 50th birthday ( She and her husband have bought a farmhouse in Burgundy with the hope of relocating there permanently within the next few years)

A cock (symbol of France, or Gaul, since Roman times), a bottle of le gros blanc and les bons mots ' Vive La Vie Française' in the colours of the tricoleur. Printed on 2 different grades of slubby linen.

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ElizT said...

Lucky woman!

shaky mouse said...

great design.. really simple and effective

Rima said...

Salut Paul, quelle belle tea towel :) Bravo!
Hope you're well n happy :)
x Rima