Monday, July 21, 2008

Guardian Film &Music, 18 July 08

A piece I did for last friday's Film & Music section of the Guardian.

The piece was entitled ' Life, the Universe and Kensington' and was a Martian's Guide to the Proms.

My original idea was a flying saucer lifting the Albert Hall with a tractor beam, the Martian saying 'Heave' and the audiance inside the RAH replying 'Ho' (a reference to the tradition of the arena shouting one thing when the piano is brought on stage, and the gallery audiance response).
However, the idea was rejected. So here is the final version. Even this met with some resistance as the powers that be/ those upstairs thought my audiance looked too old-fashioned and 'posh', but I stood my ground and argued that that was my illustrative style and besides, this is the Proms, it is old-fashioned and posh ( and none the worse for it!)!

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