Monday, July 21, 2008

Brazen Head

An image or idea or story that has long long fascinated and beguiled me.
A head of bronze forged over 30 years by friar and alchemist Roger Bacon, constructed with arcane and esoteric craft to speak and predict the future. When the head was ready to speak, it said "Time Is" then "Time Was" and then, because no proper response was forthcoming from Bacon's dimwitted apprentice, the head spoke one last time -"Time Is Past" -before throwing itself from the pedestal on which it stood and smashed into a thousand pieces upon the stone floor.

Also the name of Dublin's oldest pub.

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ElizT said...

Another fine and unusual piece.

Edwin Rosell said...

Great work! Love your style.

Vhrsti said...

Hi Paul!
How are things going? Admire your new illustrations. Especially your Radio Times looks very interesting. Also postcards and Guardian Education. Really great!
All the best!