Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Computing Which? - Car Boot Sale

Long time no post
But no, I haven't been idle, far from it

Here's a piece I did recently for regular client Computing Which? and their September issue.
It was for a piece about how to wipe your old PC of data in order to sell it on, in this case at a car boot sale!

Biro and Staedler pigment marker, cleaned and coloured up in Photoshop.

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One said...

Nice one... you must have been given a very good brief from the art editor ;-)

Mark http://www.oneway.shutterchance.com/

ElizT said...

Lava lamp?

atomicvelvetsigh said...

lol yeah the oil prices would force us to sell things ha! can i buy that lava lamp?

cool illo..

andi butler said...

well i just love that cute lil' bird! nice color story too! toodles!

a : )

Connie said...

Lovely stuff, as usual. Any advice on what to do with an expensive telescope and a classical guitar?