Friday, January 14, 2011

Civil As An Orange #2

'Civil As An Orange' #2

Walking into Leila's Shop off Arnold Circus yesterday I noted, with delight, the arrival of this year's Seville Oranges. Way too bitter to eat, but most excellent for marmalade. I like to make a huge batch every year - last year it lasted me almost to August, even with us giving heaps away as gifts.

It reminded me of this image I created just before Christmas. It is a reworking of an idea I have done before, that was to be used for a promotional t-shirt design to launch Blue Moon beer. The gimmick with this is that this witbier is drunk with 'an orange serve', which is to say a slice or wedge of orange in it. Sounds pretty ghastly, but I haven't tried it, so who knows, it could be delicious. I doubt it somehow, but you never know.

The whole thing smacks of BS to me actually. The beer sells itself as being a wee independent micro-brewery with loving attention to detail, but is in fact brewed by the Molson Coors global brewing giants. Who in my opinion make some of the worst beers on our beloved planet. Its kinda like the Sofia Coppola of the beer world - making out its all arthouse and independent but in reality back by millionnaires and just playing the part for kudos.

The design is based on one of my favourite Shakespeare quotes, from Much Ado About Nothing. A pun on the bitter and largely unappealing (outside its sacred marmalade vocation) Seville Orange.

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