Friday, January 21, 2011

Restaurant Magazine - February 2011

Restaurant magazine - February 2011.

Another job for regular client Restaurant Magazine.

This was a piece about how the North-South divide in England was very much in evidence with restaurant and hospitality trading over the festive period.

Down South business was booming, with signs of growth apparent. Up North, sadly things were much grimmer, with many businesses having to close their doors. It was suggested that part of the divide was down to the atrocious weather we had in December which was markedly worse in the North and made eating out, etc. very difficult for many people.

My image shows a poor Northerner (and his shivering whippet), skinny and skint in a cold closed-down landscape. Below him in the sun is a fat smug Southerner with a dining table creaking under the weight of food and drink. Sorry for the stereotypes, but that's what the client wanted. Besides, clichés & stereotypes are an illustrator's stock and trade!

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Brad said...

paul are you a machine? you keep putting out the most amazing work on daily basis! blows my mind!