Monday, January 17, 2011

January Blues

January can be bleak, there's no getting 'round it sometimes. The January Greys can all too easily lead to the January Blues.

Where I live in north-east London throbbing blue lights still hang forlornly across windows and naked and needleless spruce trees stand by every bin, beside the damp sagging mattresses that seem to live there all year long. Under a lead-grey sky that seems to sit upon the terraced house rooftops and cold dark rain lashing down without a pause it can seem an unpromising start to the year.

But that my friends is Winter - just go with it and it will pass soon enough. A good time for soup and woolly jumpers and hefty blankets and candlelight flickers and oven-roasted roots and the company of good friends and cuddles with your loved-ones.

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