Monday, July 18, 2011

The Gentleman Relishes (Print for Sale)

The Gentleman Relishes

A 4-colour limited edition screen-print, exploring ideas of taste, hunger, desire and appetite.
Dimensions: 50 cm wide by 70 cm high (standard frame size).

'Being a Diagrammatick shewing the divers Effects of Desire, Relish & Sauce upon Man's Physionomy'

Available to buy at £120 + P&P


marlyat2 said...

What a lascivious-looking tongue. And stomach. Reminds me of the lascivious bagpipe woodcuts for Spenser's "The Faerie Queen."

marlyat2 said...

Not to mention the cannon and eruption...

Paul, do you have anything on line about the materials you use? (Sheer curiosity.)