Monday, July 11, 2011

Where & Who is This? A Rebus.

Where and Who Is This?

Another little conundrum and jeu-de-mot.

Who can tell me whereabouts this rebus represents? And who is the Lady buried here, whose Life was cut so cruelly short?

Answers on a postcard. Or a comment.

All shall be revealed to-morrow or the day after!


Scott Garrett said...

It's Pocahontas and the rebus is Gravesend( Grave's end,nice touch Paul) where she died and was buried. I believe Matoaka was her real(secret) name. I assume the hand is King James?

marlyat2 said...

Ah, that one was easy for a Southerner from the States!

For a moment, though, I was thinking not of her burial place but of the pointing hand as a "poke" and the "rest in peace" as an injunction not to "haunt us."

Oddly, I was just thinking about the Powhatan nation and Jamestown because that's where the settlers picked up the word "raccoon."

Paul Bommer said...

Wow guys!
I am so impressed. Yes Scott, bang on - 'tis indeed Gravesend and Pocahontas. I think Matoaka was one of several names she had, depending on who was addressing her and when.As for the finger it was just a pointer and not meant to be anyone in particular. It may be King James, but its definitely Jacobean!
Marly, you astound me. An artist's eye and a poet's wordcraft - I absolutely love that you read 'poker' and 'haunt us' in there. Genius!

Paul Bommer said...

Pokerhauntus, inventor of the Raccoon and Nancy Reagan. The racoon is, as we all know, the favourite pet of the Bouvier-Beales.

marlyat2 said...

Pokerhauntus! Of course, I was going backward from the name since I guessed that first. Sort of cheating...then I saw the images that fit.