Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gunpowder Plot (Print for Sale)

Gunpowder Plot (Print for Sale)

A 2-colour Screen Print about the fiendish Gunpowder Plot of November 5th 1605.

Remember, Remember
The Fifth of November
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.
I see no Reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot...

My image has three scenes;

At the bottom is the undercroft cellar beneath the Houses of Parliament (Westminster Palace), rented from one John Whynniard and filled with barrels of gunpowder (accurately portrayed!).

At the top I have shown Guido (or Guy) Fawkes in the upper room of some tavern, discussing the planned terrorist attack with the man who's idea it all was, Robert Catesby. (Note leaded window, Popish crucifix, piss-pot, clay pipe, blown-glass bottle of Canary wine, horn beaker and pewter tankard).

Between these two I have the heads of some of the other conspirators impaled on spikes outside Westminster Palace after their execution (Hung, Drawn & Quarter'd) - Thomas & Robert Winter, John & Christopher Wright, Thomas Bates, Ambrose Rookwood, Everard Digby and Thomas Percy et al..

The print measures 39 cm wide by approx. 60 cm deep, is an Edition of 25 and is available to buy from me directly at £50 + P&P (


Shelley Rickey said...

Unfortunately, I'm broke, or i would be buying ALL of your prints. ALL of them! Really adore your work, Paul and always enjoy seeing new blog entries. Friendly greetings, Shelley.

Paul Bommer said...

Dear Shelley

What a wonderful comment! Your posting has really made my day. Thank you so much!

Best wishes, Paul B

Shelley Rickey said...

Good, i'm happy i made your day. : )
Hey Paul, do you mind me asking what kind of pen or brush you're using for your drawings? You get such an awesome line. I was fiddling around with ink this weekend. I love ink, but i've got crappy brushes. I'm not sure what kind of brush or pen is best to use.

Looking forward to 'Punch and Judy'!