Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oranges & Lemons: For Sale

I have always been fascinated with London folklore and with nursery rhymes, and with this poem in particular, but as a kid only knew the standard, and more modern, shorter version. This more ancient form of the famous rhyme dates from around 1830 (although the poem itself is doubtlessly much older) - so I have chosen scenes and costumes from around that period.

I love this fuller form as it refers to more of the City and its amazing layered history.The lines and images connected to each bell refer to trades and events local to each parish - Old Bailey (St Sepulchre) because it stood by the debtors' prison at Newgate, Stepney because it was always associated with sailors and seafaring, St John's chapel in the Tower of London because of its torture chambers and dungeons, &c., &c..

The print is a limited edition of 50 (with almost half of those already sold!), 2 colours (the colours were chosen to reflect traditional orange (and other fruit) tissue wrapping designs), 50 cm wide by 70 cm high (a nice convenient standard frame size!), high quality paper (approx 300 gsm). Available from me directly, and soon a number of as yet unconfirmed other sources, at the bargain price of £95 + P&P.


marlyat2 said...

Oh! I just heard the whole thing on the radio. Most charming!

Rima said...

Brilliant Paul!
I have always loved this rhyme too...
What a poster that is!
love from Devon x

Paul Bommer said...

Thank you ladies!

Elwood H. Smith said...

As always, great work, Paul!