Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Punch & Judy (Work in Progress)

Punch & Judy (Work in Progress)

Many, many months ago I was asked by Daniel Bugg of the Penfold Press to contribute to one of his screen-printing projects, this one about Marriages and Partnerships. I chose Punch & Judy as these violent and grotesque anti-hero puppets have always fascinated me.

Unfortunately just after I was asked I somehow or other damaged my back (we now think its a pinched disc in my upper back/ shoulders) which for months on end made working almost impossible and slowed me right down. Shedloads of treatment and medication later it is generally much better, although not a day goes by when it doesn't still hurt.

This last week or so I have turned my attention yet again to the poster design, and have made some good progress. Here are Punch and Judy's weapons of choice - his Slapstick or Club, and her Rolling Pin. These guys don't do sweet-nothings!

Fear not Dan, the design is on its way! Slowly. But surely!


Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Courage mon brave! You're besting that damned injury, so keep moving forward.

Greatly looking forward to Punch & Judy. Having seen your preliminary work on this, I know you're going to triumph!

Paul Bommer said...

Thank you Clive.
What's taking an age is that I'm attempting a slightly different technique here, rather than my usual outlines with fill or colour behind. Good fun though, but a steep learning curve.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Now I'm even more intrigued!

ElizT said...

Sorry about the pain; all best wishes.