Friday, April 20, 2012

Delftware tile - Three for a Girl (Magpies)

Delftware tile - Three for a Girl (Magpies)

One of the many new 'Delft' tiles (actually paintings on panel and not ceramic!) I am creating for my Umbra Sumus (We Are But Shadows) solo show at the end of this month (April 27 - 29 inclusive) in Spitalfields.

This tile is a nod to two heroes from the annals of Spitalfields Life - Rhyme-collector Mr Dan Jones, who I discovered when researching my Oranges & Lemons screen print a few years ago, and Mr Simon Costin, Director of the Museum of British Folklore, a flamboyant man and friend of mine, who's doing great work to preserve, record and revive many of the wonderful folk customs and tales across the Kingdom.

Those of us who grew up in the 70s will no doubt remember this particular counting rhyme from the theme tune to the children's TV show Magpie, the 'edgy' ITV alternative to prim and proper Blue Peter. Some versions of the rhyme go up as far as 12 magpies but this is an unlikely sight.

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