Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Attempting to Hide the Cockney Alphabet

Here I am, attempting (not very successfully) to hide the largest of the three new prints I've created for Umbra Sumus, my solo show in Spitalfields this week-end coming.

The Cockney Alphabet, printed for me by the incredible Suki Hayes-Watkins at the Print Block in Whitstable, to be unveiled this Friday night at the Private View (and chock full o' sly and witty references to Spittle-fields and its environs, naturally!).

Don't worry about the weather. Put on a Titfer, a Slow Boat and bring your Lucky Fella (ok, I made those last two up!), and get yourself along to Wilkes Street for a Butcher's Hook and glass of Edward Lear or Rotten Swine!


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