Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Delftware tile - The Widow's Son

Delftware tile - The Widow's Son

One of the many new 'Delft' tiles (actually paintings on panel and not ceramic!) I am creating for my Umbra Sumus (We Are But Shadows) solo show at the end of this month (April 27 - 29 inclusive) in Spitalfields.

This particular tile refers to a tavern in  Bromley-by-Bow, a centuries-old legend and a curious tradition.

According to Spitalfields Life 'the Widow’s Son (pub) was built in 1848 upon the former site of an old widow’s cottage, so the tale goes. When her only son left to be a sailor, she promised to bake him a Hot Cross Bun and keep it for his return. But although he drowned at sea, the widow refused to give up hope, preserving the bun upon his return and making a fresh one each year to add to the collection. This annual tradition has been continued in the pub as a remembrance of the widow and her son, and of the bond between all those on land and sea, with sailors of the Royal Navy coming to place the bun in the net every year.'

You can read more about it here:-

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