Thursday, April 5, 2012

Twitter Ye Not - Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Twitter Ye Not - Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

A regular piece for the Daily Mail Weekend magazine about how figures in history might have twittered or tweeted or whatever, had they the chance, inclination and technology.

On the 14th April, Good Friday, 1865, US President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theatre, Washington, by well-known actor John Wilkes Booth. Here we imagine how the shocking news filtered out on Twitter.

Rather than show the dying President or his killer, I have shown two other people mentioned in the article - General Robert E. (for Edward) Lee and Ulysses S. Grant (actual name Hiram Ulysses Grant) -although, big faux pas this, I have labelled them the wrong way around! D'Oh! I have only just this minute realised my mistake - but the paper have not.

Between the men is the scene of the crime, Ford's Theatre, which stands to this day.

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