Friday, May 18, 2012

The Cockney Alphabet - (detail) K for Restaurant

The Cockney Alphabet - (detail) K for Restaurant

A little taster of my new limited edition screen print, The Cockney Alphabet.
A for 'Orses, B for Mutton, &c., &c.. (you get the picture)

Limited Edition screen print, 50 cm by 70 cm (B2), signed and numbered by the artist.

This caff (or restaurant) is the wonderful (listed) E.PELLICCI on the Bethnal Green Road. Standing at the table is the late Nevio Pellicci, in his younger days, carrying a plate of the delicious Meat Balls & Spagetti that his wife Maria is famous for. Sadly Nevio senior passed away last year (and is greatly missed) but he is succeeded by his son cheeky chappy Nevio Jnr, who continues to serve up his Mamma's great food with a generous dollop of banter and charm.

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