Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Cockney Alphabet - A for 'Orses (Hay for Horses)

The Cockney Alphabet - A for 'Orses (Hay for Horses)
A little taster of my new limited edition screen print, The Cockney Alphabet.
A for 'Orses, B for Mutton, &c., &c.. (you get the picture)

Limited Edition screen print, 50 cm by 70 cm (B2), signed and numbered by the artist.

This fellow is based upon a real character I've seen around Brick Lanes a few times, a real gypsy horse-whisperer, his face brown as a berry and lined like a school-book, with huge side-boards. He wears his trowsers high, with turn-ups the size of Spain..


The Language List said...

Thank you Paul for allowing us to use your wonderful Cockney Alphabet images on twitter. EFL students love cockney rhyming slang. Gaynor, The Language List.

Paul Bommer said...

My pleasure!