Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Cockney Alphabet - J for Oranges (Jaffa Oranges)

The Cockney Alphabet - J for Oranges (Jaffa Oranges)
A little taster of my new limited edition screen print, The Cockney Alphabet.
A for 'Orses, B for Mutton, &c., &c.. (you get the picture)

Limited Edition screen print, 50 cm by 70 cm (B2), signed and numbered by the artist.

This fellow is a porter at the Old Spitalfields fruit & veg market, back in the day. I imagine he's called Chas, or Sid, or maybe even Jaffa Jim. Mind you, 'jaffa' is also an expression for someone infertile (having no pips) and this chap looks virile and cheeky as only a market-porter or costermonger can!

The date on the wall behind him is the date on the present day market hall (sadly no longer used for fruit and veg) on Commercial Street

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