Thursday, March 13, 2008

Illustration Friday "Garden"

Something you'd find in any garden of note.
From Eden to Sissinghurst via Babylon.

Actually, this was inpired (if that's the word?!) by problems I'm experiencing at the moment with my Mac and Safari in particular, which for some reason now refuses to open / launch {Any help very gratefully received}. The Helpline hasn't been much help.

So you see, its one part horticultural observation to 3 parts AppleMac-focused vitriol! (Better out than in, I say!)

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Laurent Delpit said...

sorry i can't help you with your Mac... i guess my compliments won't help either : i love your work when it has this naive side
thanks for sharing it with us

bon courage pour tes problèmes informatiques

p.s. i deleted my previous comment cause it had mistakes (worms?)

Vhrsti said...

Perfect again, Paul!

San said...

hehehe. im loving the mac reference. :)

KarinaCocq said...

hermosa combinacion de verdes...hermosos verdes
me encanto es muy divertida.


timafli said...

I like your style, nice worm designs.

erin said...

...i think i'll go eat this, the worms' expressions are great!

Richard Cardona said...

great work. try restarting (shutting down and leave off for a minute) and the start while holding the following keys until you hear the chimes at startup at least twice: option apple p r (hold down those 4 keys). Then check for software updates (upper left under the Apple menu item). hope you get it working again.

Curious Art said...

The overcrowded conditions seem to be stressing the little fellows out. My computer acts up when it's overcrowded too. Unfortunately that's quite often.

Rita said...

I like your apple. The worms look like they were surprised by somebody that came to take a picture.