Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Leap" No2

Another consummate leaper
and another Jack to boot!

This is Spring-Heeled Jack, a demonic phantom that first appeared in London in the 1830s and was last alledgedly sighted in the 1990s!

Described as a cloathed figure dressed in tight black oilskins, with pointed ears, red flaming eyes and having the ability to breathe blue fire. He is also able to leap 20 or 30 metres in a single bound!

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ElizT said...

I hope you carry on the 'Jack' series, never mind if they don't happen to leap.

rachael said...

fantastic! here in the states we have the mothman, which seems similar. i like your better though.

pascal said...

this one is very nice, I like the deep blue color, the line work and shapes.