Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Paddy's Day!

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, etc etc

Wishing everyone a very merry ( maybe too merry) St Patrick's Day!

It's a bad bad joke
but what the feck!

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Pól x
(not as green as he's cabbage-looking)


ElizT said...

I think I see a hard bargain dere in der back, as well.

marcisenders said...

Great style!

neilornstein said...

bad joke or not it's great

Jill Calder said...

Are you IRISH? I never knew...
I particularly like St Patricks nose - very Fagin-esque

SENTA said...

Love this!

Richard Cardona said...

Great Piece. Love it!

Paul Bommer said...

thanks a million.

no, I'm not Irish
well, not ethnically anyway
but I do have a legitimate claim to the Emerald Isle
in that I lived there for 5 years.
I was at Art College, the National College of Art & Design (NCAD), in Dublin from '92 to '97, and have very very fond memories of the place.