Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Notebook 122

This morning I started a new A4 notebook
My Twelfthty-second! (That's about 1 a month/ every 2 months)
I love playing around with text and typography
Words mean so much to me, their sound, their meanings, their shape and feel.

Someone on here recently suggested I create a font
but that misses the point, and the joy, of hand-rendered lettering -
the accidents and infinite variety, the little mistakes and unexpected forms.

Done in black Indian ink (Encre de Chine) and dip pen

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Ps: the Pint Pot is a sort of personal motif - a mate of mine used to call it me, on account on my diminutive stature


GumballGrenade said...

Free hand lettering a skill I do not possess, but I do adore! Wonderful work.

ElizT said...

Fantastic! Black and white asymmetrical patterning makes me go all funny.

Malachi Ward said...

beautiful. Nothing hits the spot like hand-written type